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1- We do mission day to raise money for the girls in Vietnam so they can have a better life and education.

2- Mission day connects to St Therese’s message “Its the little things that matter” because even doing something small like running a school fair and raising money by making and saling food or running a haunted house and donating the money to a place or cause can help.

3- I wouldn’t say we are responsible for every one in the world but I think that we all should just do things out of the goodness of our hearts. And while we do these things know that it is for a good cause.

4- My participation in mission day represents my faith because I brought things and recycled things to make the Haunted house so that we could raise money for the girls in Vietnam.

5- I enjoyed the making of the Haunted house as well a scaring kids out of their pants. I also enjoyed having fun and knowing it was going to a good cause.

6- Next time I would raise the amount of the entry fee so that we could raise more money. But other than that I recon My group did FANTASTIC.







Hi guys,

I hope you enjoyed your public holiday. (Queens)

At school we are doing a new way of running things. Instead of doing Literacy, then Maths and so on, We get to choose what we do and when we do it. We still have to have all the subjects done, but we get to choose when we do it. I think thats a really good idea.

Maths- In Maths, my friends and I figured the area and volume of the hall. It might sound easy but the roof is on a angle which makes it a lot harder. Now we are going to start a workshop on area and volume, that way we can teach kids about what we know.

Literacy-  The past couple of weeks we have been focusing on persuasive writing, and we have gotten into groups and worked on a topic. My topic was should marine culling be allowed and why. We did a news report on I movie. It was great

R.e- in r.e the year six’s have been getting ready for confirmation, we have chosen our saints and I have chosen St Michael. He is really cool, he is a archangel. You can read about him on my front page.

Big idea- 

In big idea (our name for a project) we are starting to take action, taking action is when you raise awareness some how. I am making a online comic which is really fun to make. I am going to print it off and give it to the 1/2s.

Thanks for reading.


Hi guys,

It is the last day of the 2 term holidays and where heading into third term, And for all you lucky kids who get another week off, Stop smiling and saying sucker in a happy voice!!!!!

This is how my holiday laid out. I had my sisters birthday, she is a teenager now and you know when you get older you don’t get toys, you get things like vouchers, clothes etc. She got things for her new room (we are building a house) her theme is grey and yellow which looks really cool together, so she got pillows, doona covers, blankets etc. And our family friends came over so that was good.                                                                                                                                                                       We also went bowling with my friend Riley and it was great fun, and we went skating with my mums best friends nieces (sarah and olivia) and that was awesome fun, it took a while to get the hang of it but once I did I was flying. And with the same people we went to this massive wooden maze where you have to get to 4 checkpoints and to show you went there you stamp a piece of paper. Sarah and I smashed the others, we got out and played a full game of chess before they got out. And the rest of the days I was just relaxing. leave a comment on what you did on your holidays. thanks for reading.


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