In literacy we have to do a biography on a family member so I’ve picked my mum because she has a very interesting life and I love her. These are the questions I’ve asked her.

  • When were you born? I was born in 1972 in the st gorges hospital. 
  • What house did you come home to after you were born?-  I came home to 65  belveiw avenue Rossana.
  • What school did you first attend?  I went to Rossana primary school.
  • What is your earliest memory? When I was three and we went to Queensland on a holiday.
  • What did you want to be when you were older? When I was young I wanted to be a flight attendant.
  • Did you play any sport?  I did tennis and swimming and my dad coached our swimming team.
  • What secondary school did you attend? When I became a teenager I went to our ladies of mercy college.
  • Did you ever wag school or do anything bad in your teenage years? No way I was a goody two shoes and never did anything bad. 🙂 
  • Did you achieve anything great in secondary school?  I was house captain for blue in year 12.
  • What did you do after finishing year 12? I studied child care at TAFE.
  • Did you attend UNI or TAFE? Yes I went to TAFE for 2 years.
  • Have you ever been over seas?  Yes I went to America, England, Europe, Greece.
  • What was your first job?  Childcare worker in a childcare centre
  • Have you ever been sacked from a job? Yes I have been sacked from a child care centre because my assistant did not like me so she told the boss and they sacked me, then I went to unfair dismissals and I won the case and they had to pay me for 12 weeks and I didn’t event have to come to work.
  • What’s your greatest achievement in life? having 3 beautiful children
  • How did you meet dad? We where in a pub and a friend introduced us and it kicked off from that
  • Where was your first date? Our first date was at a restaurant in Chapel Street, South Yarra
  •  Where did you have your three children? all of my 3 children were born at Freemasons Hospital in East Melbourne
  • What house did your three children come home to? Isabella came home to a unit in Viewbank, Mackenzie came home to my parents house in Rosanna and Harrison came home to our house in Macleod.
  • How many houses have you lived in? I have lived in 9 houses.
  • Where did you get married? We where married in st johns church in Heidelberg. 
  • What happened in your wedding? We where married in a church and then had a big cocktail party and a dinner for family.

Now I am going to re-write this into a biography.

Kate has been a happy, caring woman all her life. She was born in 1972 at the St Georges hospital and came home to 65 Bellevue Avenue Rosanna. Kate attended Rosanna Primary School and  it was there when she met her best friend Alison and to this day they are still very good friends. Kate had tennis lessons while in Primary School and ended up playing competition tennis with Alison.

Kate attended Our Lady Of Mercy College in Heidelberg. She was a very good student. Some may have called her a goody two shoes. In Kate’s own words: ” I never did anything wrong, I always listened and I always did what I was told. I really enjoyed my years in Secondary School.”  Whilst at OLMC she started swimming. Her father was the coach of the swimming team and although he may of been tough on the girls they became very good swimmers and ended up winning. Many great friends were made at OLMC. In Year 12 Kate was elected House Captain of Loreto. She took her exams and passed all the subjects with flying colours, then left high school to face the challenges ahead of her.

Kate went to TAFE where she studied child care and was there for two years. Her first job was as a child care worker despite her dream of being a flight attendant. While she was in child care she had an assistant who didn’t particularly like her and so the assistant told the boss and Kate got sacked. Then she went to unfair dismissals and won the case. The child care centre had to pay her for twelve weeks and Kate didn’t have to show up. She went on to obtaining a number of jobs in different childcare centres and really enjoyed her work.

One night kate went to a pub with friends and it was there that a friend introduced Kate and Mark (my dad)  and it was love at first sight. Soon Kate and Mark where going on their first date to a restaurant in Chapel street, South Yarra. After a while Mark and Kate had Isabella and Mark got the idea of a proposal. Shortly after the engagement along came Mackenzie. Mark and Kate then got married in St Johns Church in Heidelberg.  There was big cocktail party afterwards with lots of guests and then a private dinner for family. They bought a house in Macleod and did their own renovations. A few years later Mark and Kate had Harrison. Their little house got a bit small for the 5 of them, so they sold their house and moved to Torquay. Kate lives a very happy, fulfilled life with Mark and her kids.



THE ISLAND (the sad version)

Text to World

This book reminds me of the refugee problem we have at the moment, because this book is about a man who is different and he comes to a place where some people are mean and cruel to him.  In the end he is sent back out to sea and his boat is set on fire; ultimately he dies. This is so sad, but still happens in everyday life. Imagine leaving your home country because of war, to get onto an old water logged boat with no guarantee of  survival, just to get to safety.

After he is sent away the people build a giant metal wall around their home to protect it and they shot everything that got to close to the island. What has the world come to? I know its a story, but real life is similar to this. Why can’t it change?

Text to self

This story makes me feel sad because this sort of thing actually happens in real life and it shouldn’t. I wish I could help these people or speak for them and change this, but its not that easy. I’m sure that if war entered this country there would be places around the world that would not welcome us. I don’t’ understand why we can’t build a town in the middle of Australia where refugees could start a new life, instead of keeping them held up in detentions centres like prisoners. How would you like it; climbing onto a rickety boat, traveling at sea for ages, just to be told you can’t live here, you have to go back to a place where you feel unsafe, where you could be killed just for being a woman. How would you feel?

Text to text

This book has reminded me of a video on YouTube where there was a new kid at school who tried to play with a group of kids. They bullied him and hurt him. This relates to the book because the boy and the man both get pushed aside and left alone, when they were really just trying to fit in and feel safe. This sort of thing happens and it shouldn’t. A lot of the time people who get bullied are nice, normal people. No one should be treated this way. In the end of the story the man is put back on the boat and is sent back out to sea. In real life this makes people have depression and no self confidence.





Mack is 5th generation Australian. Family originates from Queesnland. Grandfather (Brian Ewings) is from Rockhampton. Grandmother (Michele Ewings) is from Newcastle. Previous generations were from Scotland, England and France.


Mack is 4th generation Australian. Family originates from Melbourne. Previous generation are from China, Italy and Scotland. Mack’s Great Great Grandfather (Bini) came out from Italy and married a New Zealand lady and lived in Melbourne. Mack’s Great Great Grandfather (Hornsby) came out in the gold rush from China and married an Australian lady and lived in Melbourne.

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