confirmation project

Hi guys,

At school we have been getting ready for confirmation. the teachers have asked us to do a project on saints. Here are the questions we have to answer:

  • what is a saint
  • what does it take to be a saint
  • look up 5 saints and pick one to be your name
  • What is your Saints feast day?
  • What is their story?
  •  How did they become a Saint?
  •  What is their origin?
  •  What did they do to become a Saint?
  •  What is your Saint a patron for?
  •  What qualities did they show?
  •  What miracles did they perform?
  •  How does this Saint make you want to be a better person?
  •  How does this Saint inspire you?
  •  What is their history?



A Saint is some one who wants to be like God and follows in the footsteps of God.

Some things you can be a saint for are:

  • kindness
  • nature
  • love
  • caring for others
  • miracles
  • freedom
  • warrior


To become a Saint the church looks closely at the  personal life of the person. All the good work that has been done by that person who is wanting to become a Saint.  They also look at how close to God they are and that they have worked and lived their life according to God’s rules. They also look to see if the person is worthy of the honour as well, and if they have performed 2 miracles that are unexplained.


St Michael (I think I’m going to pick this one)                                                

St. Michael the Archangel – feast day – September 29th.  The name Michael signifies “Who is like to God?” and was the leader of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against satan and his followers. Holy scriptures describes St. Michael as “one of the chief princes,” and leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell. He has been especially honoured as patron and protector by the Church from the time of the Apostles. Although he is always called “the Archangel,” the Greek Fathers and many others place him over all the angels – as Prince of the Seraphim. St. Michael is the patron of grocers, mariners, paratroopers, police and sickness.

St Harvey                                                                                 

St. Harvey was blind, but became abbot of Plouvien; later he transferred his community to Lanhourneau, where he passed the rest of his days and was famous for miracles. Sixth Century.  His feast day is June 17th.

St Brian (this one is totally me)

Saint Alexander Briant was an English Jesuit whom people called “the beautiful youth” because of his handsome looks and purity of heart. When he was martyred, he felt no pain during the tortures. He said: “Whether this that I say be miraculous or no, God knows.” He was 25 when he died.

St Martin (i use to go to this school)

Saint Martin of Tours was raised by pagan parents, but after joining the Roman army he began to study the Christian faith. When his desire to imitate You compelled him to help a beggar, You came to him in a vision and called him to receive baptism and enter religious life. Eventually he became a bishop and banished pagan worship from his diocese.

St Mark

Saint Mark the Evangelist was one of those who ran away in fear when Jesus was arrested, but after the resurrection of Jesus and the descent of the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room, he became a writer of the Faith, and he helped Saints Paul, Barnabas, and Peter build the new Church.

My saints feast day is the 29 of September


St Michael was in the battle fought in heaven against satan and his followers. Holy scriptures describes St. Michael as “one of the chief princes,” and leader of the forces of heaven in their triumph over the powers of hell.


Saint Michael was a Archangel and it was granted to him by God.


God had made Heaven and the Earth and all the Angels and all the extra important Angels, called Archangels. (Like an extra important Bishop is called an Archbishop.) St Michael was God’s very special friends and was Shining and Strong and Powerful.


St Michael fought in the battle for the Kingdom of Heaven, against Satan and his followers. St Michael and his angel army showed bravery and strength.  They were truimphant.


St Michael is a Patron for grocers, mariners, paratroopers, police and sickness.


My saint showed bravery, leadership, courage, strength, faith, commitment.


St Michael was born an angle, he is not a normal person, he does good things all the time, like fighting against Satan and healing the wounded angels.


St Michael makes me want to be a better person by they responsibility that he showed and the faith that he had in his army of angles.


St Michael inspires me because he didn’t just give up in the battle, he fought and fought and won. I want that kind of leadership, to not just give up when things get tough.


Angle Lucifer gathered other angels and challenged God to be ruler of the Kingdom. Lucifer said “Why should you be King of Heaven anymore than us?” God replied “Lucifer I thought you were my friend, I trusted you”. Lucifer had gathered an army of angels who wanted to follow him and make him King of Heaven. So God asked Archangel Michael to also gather an army of angels that were on God’s side. They battled, and God and Archangel Michael won.  If you want to know what happened to Lucifer and his army click here

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religion reflection


when you are baptised you gather around a large bowl, usually stone, glass or marble. The mum usually holds the child, the priest asks what you want for your child and you say you want him/her baptised. you also make the baptismal promises on behalf of your child, these promises are based on the apostles creed.


when you get your confirmation you are usually a teenager, you choose a saint name and that will be your second middle name for the rest of your life, once received confirmation you are sealed with the holy spirit. In the catholic church this sacrament is one of seven.


As catholics we believe that eucharist is both a sacrafice and a meal, we believe in the real presence of jesus who died for our sins. As we receive body and blood we spiritually grow closer to god. One of the stories of Eucharist is the last supper when jesus has a meal with his deciples.

Anointing  of the sick-

You usually get it before you die, it is meant to help you grow stronger during your sickness. It also gives you more confidence in feeling better, Jesus use to use it 2,000 years ago to help you get better when you are sick. You get better by jesus healing your soul.

Holy orders-

Holy orders is your journey to become a priest, it takes years of studying to get from end to finish. The order of becoming a priest is this. 1-decon  2-priest  3-bishop  4- pope. again this takes years of studying and you can stay on one step for your life or you can keep going.

Marriage- (the one I researched) 

you can look up one of marks quotes in the bible 10:6-9. the extanging of the rings started in rome and came to catholics. some words for marriage

  • Matrimony
  • bouquet- life growth
  • ring -wholeness, perfection, undying love, unity and commitment
  • lighting the candles- faith, wisdom, love, christ and two becoming one
  • veil- modesty
  • white wedding dress- purity, virtue.

Thank you for reading.

BTN review


I think that she is amazing for not giving up on her dream even when it got tough. I think she is and insperation to all disabled people to follow there dream and don’t give up. I think she did really well by getting medals and competing in swimming. I think that even if she was in group 8 she still did well. I Fell proud that he swims for Australia. I think that it would of been hard sometimes to keep up and I think she would of got really angry sometimes to. I cant wait to see wear she goes next. Good luck Madison Elliot.







100 word challenge


One day there was a girl called Jackie who lived next to a big scary house, She had always wanted to go in there but every time she went to the front door of the scary house she ran back to her house and hid. One day she finally got the guts to do it, she went up to the door and it opened she walked inside and the door slammed shut. she went up the stairs and went into a room and found a box but when she lifted the lid she found a skeleton. The end of the story. ( i’m going to make a part two)


The prompt is:       … but when she lifted the lid…

btn organ donation reflect


Hi guys,

for school we had to do a reflection on the clip above, if you like watch it and read what I wrote.


the questions for the task are…

What do you think about organ donation?

How do you think you would feel if you were in the same position?

Do You think compulsory organ donation should be introduced? Why?


I think organ donation is a great idea because once you pass away your organs are no use to you but they can save someone else’s life.

If I was in that position I would feel worried because what if no one donated but I would feel relived if some one did donate.

I don’t think it should be compulsory because some people want to cremated or buried with all there organs, but I think if you don’t care how your cremated or buried well I think its a great idea.


for school we had to do maths workshop on place value so I did the base 10 system which is the place value system going up and down. So going up is multiplucation and going down is division so 10 x 1 =10 so you go to the tens then 10 x 10 = 100 so you go to the hundreths and so on and so on.

And going down is the same just with division. Over all I think I did pretty good but every one in the workshop just laughed and chatted.

100 word challenge

Hi guys,

for school we have to do a 100 word challenge and it has to include these words RACING, FORMULA ONE, MELBOURNE, CRASH. I hope you guys like.

3o,ooo light years away there’s a planet called quard and on that planet there was superstar formula 1 driver called ……….. Robert, now your probably wondering how they got formula 1 cars 30,000 light years away well you know how people blab on about alian obduction well they obducted a formula 1 car Melbourn and built stacks of them back at Quard. One day his fam went to go watch his racing but he got boxed in  by his oponents who hated him, he tried to get out but CRASH he was never heard from again.


start and stop

Inside a bookGlitter Text Generator

there is another world

another place

where anything happens

where every thing happens

where magic comes to life and you  put  your differences aside

and it all happens

inside a book.

if you like it post comment and try one all you got to do is start with a sentence and finish with the same one. That’s why its called start and stop poem

student blogging challenge 10

If you could have the freedom of choosing 10 jobs in you life time what would they be?

.I would choose to be a famous drummer because I love to drum.

.I would love to work as a artist because it’s fun to make art, weather it’s a collage or painting.

.I would like work at the aquarium because i’ve seen movies with stuff like that and it looks great.

.I would also like to work at the zoo because I love animals.

.I would like to be a world wide ice cream/pop tart taste tester.

.I would like to be a chef who makes food

.I would like to be a police man

.I would like to be a inventor

.I would love to be a chocolate/caramal maker

.I would like to be a console game tester

Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker is a chilldrens author and she also makes shortfilms about her  books.Many of her books are enviromentaly focused and she became a chilldrens aurthor in 1975. She was born in England on November 2nd 1950 and she was the oldest of 6 chilldren. She has writen 13 chilldrens books and she takes 2-3 years to write her books. She is a creatiive writer and she went to the university of Brighton. She is 62 years old and she is a multi award winning author.

I like Jeannie Baker because her books and her style of writing are both very creative, she is always putting efort into her books and thats what makes them special.