living a tree house

“Why did we decide to live in a tree house” asked Riley, “I think we had a tree house in our old house and decided to live in one” replied Jake, “I know that but why did we leave home” said Riley ” I think it was a mix of idiotic minds and um… I actually think that’s the only reason we left” said Jake confused. “why don’t we just go back 4 or so years and find out the reason” “oh yeah we can use our zip zap back-a-nator to find out” so off they ran to the zip zap back-a-nator and went to the time when they made the decision of leaving there parents to live in a tree house. (the following conversation is colour co-ordinated for your convenience, blue is Riley and Jake now, and purple is Riley and Jake in the past) “Stop” said riley “yeah what he said” chirped Jake ” hey its us” riley smiled “I look gooooood” Jake said to him self. “Your making a bad choice” Riley said “yeah what he said” Jake replied again. “How, this is the best choice we have ever made. LIVING     IN      A      TREEHOUSE. Its the ultimate trade. Parents for a tree house.” “It might sound good but trust me you get really board without your parents” Riley tried to convinced them. “Fine we will keep our parents for good” So the boys went back to the zip-zap-back-a-nator and every thing went back to normal.   

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