Big idea reflection

My big idea went Pretty well. Lachie and I did our big idea on the great people of Australia.

I think My shearing session went well, Lachie and I explained it clearly and I think every body walked away knowing something different.

What went well was when we did our presentation set up and we had the hyperlinks and we didn’t use the internet to find info.

What we could improve on next time is maybe sharing the load a bit more.

The most interesting thing I learnt was why the people on the Australian currency are on the money.

I used my investigation time very well and I think that I did my investigation topic to the full.


This presentation was about racism in AFL and it gave a lot of information on the topic, I walked away knowing a lot more than I did before.

The most interesting part was when they told us about the amount of dark skin players in the AFL.

I liked it because no one else did the topic and they got all the information on the topic possible. I really liked the presentation.

Some ideas that I might use next time are using prezi presentate my topic.

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