book review

The book into the forest is a great book which is about a boy who goes into the forest to deliver her grandma some cakes. (totally original) On the way he bumps into all different fairy tale like Jack, Hansel and Gretel and Godly locks who are all interested in his cake. when he finds the house he gives his Grandma the cake and finds his dad. I recommend this book to all ages because it is a happy book and mixes a lot of different characters Into one story and finishes with a happy ending.

The pros of the book were that it was creative and had a good story line and had a good plot. The cons of the book were that the dad ended being some place safe and warm, I would of liked it if the dad was lost in the woods and was found on the way back. I also didn’t like that it was a little red riding hood based story but there was no wolf, there was even a red cloak. but other than that it was a great book.




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