Book review

I would definitely recommend the book Jimmy Coats to a lot of kids that like a gripping adventure that will excite you and keep you on the edge of your seat.

This book series is about a boy called Jimmy Coats and he finds that he has hidden talents like breathing under water, night vision, speed and strength. And he finds all of this out when one night a group of agents in black suites and a thin green strip on their suite pocket come after him and a whole lot of secrets unfold. In his escape from these men his finds that he is capable of all different things like surviving a jump out of a 2 story building and out running fully trained adults and cars.

This book may sound the same as any old spy book but there are some brutal scenes in it like when Jimmy gets shoved in a shredder and his leg is shredded, or when he is being choked with a lasso and is being dragged along the ground by a horse. This book is age appropriate for kids around 9 and above. So this book is a classic example of the saying don’t judge a book by its cover, Because again on the front of the book it says “Part boy, Part weapon, Totally deadly”. Cliché right. But the book has turned out to be a very interesting series.

The characters of the book are obviously Jimmy who is part boy part assassin and is on the run from his creators (also known as the bad guys of the book)  NJ7. Jimmy’s best friend Felix Muzbeke, And when felix’s parents get taken numerous times by NJ7 he is dragged along into hiding. Jimmy’s sister Georgie who is there because her dad and mum both worked for NJ7 but when her mum ran to protect and stay with her children here dad stayed and became president/head of bad guys. Viggo and Saffron who are both very good with guns, hiding, driving and being loyal to there friends, and they tagged along to protect Jimmy, even though Viggo was Jimmy’s first target of assassination, and a whole lot more that will take forever to explain.

Over all I think this book is a 9/10 and is a fantastic series.