religion reflection


when you are baptised you gather around a large bowl, usually stone, glass or marble. The mum usually holds the child, the priest asks what you want for your child and you say you want him/her baptised. you also make the baptismal promises on behalf of your child, these promises are based on the apostles creed.


when you get your confirmation you are usually a teenager, you choose a saint name and that will be your second middle name for the rest of your life, once received confirmation you are sealed with the holy spirit. In the catholic church this sacrament is one of seven.


As catholics we believe that eucharist is both a sacrafice and a meal, we believe in the real presence of jesus who died for our sins. As we receive body and blood we spiritually grow closer to god. One of the stories of Eucharist is the last supper when jesus has a meal with his deciples.

Anointing  of the sick-

You usually get it before you die, it is meant to help you grow stronger during your sickness. It also gives you more confidence in feeling better, Jesus use to use it 2,000 years ago to help you get better when you are sick. You get better by jesus healing your soul.

Holy orders-

Holy orders is your journey to become a priest, it takes years of studying to get from end to finish. The order of becoming a priest is this. 1-decon  2-priest  3-bishop  4- pope. again this takes years of studying and you can stay on one step for your life or you can keep going.

Marriage- (the one I researched) 

you can look up one of marks quotes in the bible 10:6-9. the extanging of the rings started in rome and came to catholics. some words for marriage

  • Matrimony
  • bouquet- life growth
  • ring -wholeness, perfection, undying love, unity and commitment
  • lighting the candles- faith, wisdom, love, christ and two becoming one
  • veil- modesty
  • white wedding dress- purity, virtue.

Thank you for reading.