BTN review


I think that she is amazing for not giving up on her dream even when it got tough. I think she is and insperation to all disabled people to follow there dream and don’t give up. I think she did really well by getting medals and competing in swimming. I think that even if she was in group 8 she still did well. I Fell proud that he swims for Australia. I think that it would of been hard sometimes to keep up and I think she would of got really angry sometimes to. I cant wait to see wear she goes next. Good luck Madison Elliot.







100 word challenge


One day there was a girl called Jackie who lived next to a big scary house, She had always wanted to go in there but every time she went to the front door of the scary house she ran back to her house and hid. One day she finally got the guts to do it, she went up to the door and it opened she walked inside and the door slammed shut. she went up the stairs and went into a room and found a box but when she lifted the lid she found a skeleton. The end of the story. ( i’m going to make a part two)


The prompt is:       … but when she lifted the lid…

btn organ donation reflect


Hi guys,

for school we had to do a reflection on the clip above, if you like watch it and read what I wrote.


the questions for the task are…

What do you think about organ donation?

How do you think you would feel if you were in the same position?

Do You think compulsory organ donation should be introduced? Why?


I think organ donation is a great idea because once you pass away your organs are no use to you but they can save someone else’s life.

If I was in that position I would feel worried because what if no one donated but I would feel relived if some one did donate.

I don’t think it should be compulsory because some people want to cremated or buried with all there organs, but I think if you don’t care how your cremated or buried well I think its a great idea.


for school we had to do maths workshop on place value so I did the base 10 system which is the place value system going up and down. So going up is multiplucation and going down is division so 10 x 1 =10 so you go to the tens then 10 x 10 = 100 so you go to the hundreths and so on and so on.

And going down is the same just with division. Over all I think I did pretty good but every one in the workshop just laughed and chatted.

100 word challenge

Hi guys,

for school we have to do a 100 word challenge and it has to include these words RACING, FORMULA ONE, MELBOURNE, CRASH. I hope you guys like.

3o,ooo light years away there’s a planet called quard and on that planet there was superstar formula 1 driver called ……….. Robert, now your probably wondering how they got formula 1 cars 30,000 light years away well you know how people blab on about alian obduction well they obducted a formula 1 car Melbourn and built stacks of them back at Quard. One day his fam went to go watch his racing but he got boxed in  by his oponents who hated him, he tried to get out but CRASH he was never heard from again.