Michael Jackson

“Why did you change your skin colour to white” ?

Jim Carry

“In your movie Ace ventura who wrote your lines”?


Jack revolt

“Who inspired you to play football”?

Adam Sandler

“Why did you want to be an actor”?

The Queen

“What is your favourite highlight of being the Queen”?

Barrack obama

“What is your dogs name”?

Michael Jorden

“What is your record for the most points in one game”?


“Who was your favourite person to interview and why”?

Johnny depp

“Did you enjoy your role as the mad hatter”?

Neil armstrong

“How did they choose who was first out of you and Buzz aldren”?













 student blogging challenge

One thought on “questions

  1. LOL, GREAT questions Macka; love the blog because it is just so… YOU! you can tell that you don’t sound like all botty. Translation- Macka: I LOVE ice cream 😀 😀 😀 it’s really awesome and it tastes C O O L! Normal dude: I love ice cream its yummy…
    -Henry 🙂

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